Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a 'High Roller' to travel with JoCo Tours?
JoCo Tours welcomes all travelers, from the first timer to the seasoned casino patron. Most of our trips offer a package program for those who are just getting established with our company.

How much do I have to spend to get 'Comped'?
Casino complementaries are not based on how much money you spend or lose, but rather on the 'Action" you give the casino. Comps are determined by the amount of time played and your average bet at Table Games, or the amount of coins that you run through a slot machine. Your casino play is tracked by the use of your casino issued Player Card.

Does someone with JoCo accompany every trip?
A JoCo Tours representative escorts all charter groups. We pride ourselves on assisting you before, during and after each trip.

How do I get more information on your trips?
View our trip calendar by clicking here, or visit our Contact section by clicking here.

Check out our special trips page to see special upcoming trips

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